Alizma, corporate show

They’re talented, they’re bright, they’re beautiful…meet these amazing triplets!

They’re identical triplets Aleksandra, Izabela and Monika Okapiec, professionally known as ALIZMA.  The girls were born in Poland, but now call the US home.

Not just three  pretty faces, Akeksandra, Izabela and Monika all recently earned Masters Degrees in Violin Performance, but also specialize in voice and other string instruments, performing their own music along with classical and modern arrangements on stage and screen.

The sisters were introduced to the world of music by their mother, Halina, a Kindergarten teacher who taught the girls songs before they could walk- leading to their first public performance at the age of three.

After 18 years of classical training, they are in demand around the world.  Whether performing on stage, on screen or recording their next CD, ALIZMA will amaze your audience.

These beautiful and very talented artists are available for your next corporate event .

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