John Garrett, corporate comedian

From number-crunching to joke-cracking, meet this funny-money man!

For John Garrett, accounting got a lot funnier once he quit being an accountant.  Moving from certified public accountant to working as a stand up comedian was a natural transition for John, although  it made his parents a bit nervous!

Leaving the corporate world, John quickly discovered that he had more fun making fun of corporate America than he did being a Senior Financial Analyst.  He left the cubicle world to perform at corporate events, colleges and comedy clubs across the country.

People quickly realize that John’s the guy you want in your boring office.  Unless, of course, you’re the manager!

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I realized that I found more enjoyment in making fun of Corporate America than I did in being a Senior Financial Analyst. It was pretty obvious that verifying the accuracy of a General Ledger report and changing the font on a Powerpoint presentation was not for me. So I left the cubicle world to perform at corporate our boring office, unless of course you are my manager.