Orchestra 33, dance band

The perfect music for a corporate black tie event or upscale wedding.

The Orchestra 33, a 13 piece party band based in Chicago, provides high quality, sophisticated live music designed to insure the best musical entertainment for your wedding, corporate event or social gala.

Three versatile vocalists, complete with rhythm section of keyboards, guitar, bass and drums, a horn trio of trumpet, alto sax and tenor sax complimented by three violins comprise our roster of world-class entertainers.

The Orchestra 33 will perform an eclectic repertoire of hundreds of popular and legendary songs, including hits from pop, swing, funk, disco, Motown and classic rock.  From In The Mood to Michael Jackson, they’ll perform an amazing array of musical styles without taking a break!

Whether your group is 80 or 800, The Orchestra 33 will play the perfect music for your special event.