Ricky Kalmon, hypnotist

Not your traditional hypnotist, meet the amazing Ricky Kalmon.

Ricky Kalmon combines his hypnotic talents with exceptional timing and charm. The result is a full-blown comedy show that keeps his audience engaged and laughing.

The star of Ricky’s show is the audience as they join him on stage to create a unique, unscripted and highly entertaining production. No dark atmosphere or eerie music. Ricky’s show is always upbeat, in good taste and he always treats his audiences with respect. Ricky Kalmon redefines… THE ART OF HYPNOSIS!

Your team will find his show an ice-melting, barrier-dissolving, team-building extravaganza! It’s the only comedy show where the audience becomes the stars.  And what does happen? We don’t want to give too much away, but here’s a hint: You’ll laugh so hard you’ll cry.

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