Trade Show Entertainment


DID YOU KNOW companies spend millions of dollars annually on trade shows around the world?  Their number one goal is to grow their potential client list and customer base. Getting visitors INTO the booth is critical to deliver the company’s message.

The return of investment will exceed expectations with just the right draw.  Talent carefully selected by Bill Peterson Productions guarantees more booth traffic, which in turn, will translate into potential buyers!

Select from an engaging list of talent including magicians, mentalists, balloon artists, celebrity look-alikes, dancing heads, green screen photography and more!

Don’t wait another year. Get those potential clients in your booth and watch your investment grow!!



Artists recommended for trade show entertainment include:

Bob Higa, magician

Kelvin Gordon, contortionist

John P. Hopkins, magician

Green Screen Photography

Dale the Balloon Dude

Paul Gertner, corporate magician

Andy Head, juggler

Living Statues